Blinky projects and tutorials for Cortex-M microcontrollers

LPC43xx series

LPC43xx microcontroller chip

The LPC43xx microcontrollers are fairly advanced 32 bit dual-core microcontrollers. They have a cortex-m4 as well as a cortex-m0 cpu, both running at up to 204MHz. This platform has lots of peripherals, such as integrated high-speed USB 2.0, SGPIO, etc. If you just want to perform simple tasks, the LPC11uxx may be a more suitable solution: it is cheaper and more suitable for beginners.

The purpose of this guide is to document the steps required to get started on this platform from scratch, using just a few open-source tools.

What do you need


Build your own blinky project from scratch and understand what is happening with the help of our tutorial.

Extra tutorials:


Each part of the tutorials result in a working blinky project. All projects (and also this website itself) can be found in the blinky_lpc43xx repository. If you see room for improvement on the code or tutorials, feel free to contribute on Github.